2011 Demos

by Aaron L. Sanchez

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Songs about folks I've met through the years and my experiences.


released May 27, 2011

Aaron L. Sanchez - Guitar, Vocals




Aaron L. Sanchez Edinburg, Texas

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Track Name: Aluminum Princess
Spin around on your pedestal.
Little goddess, think you’ll change the world?
Why can’t we ever get close
To touch the hem of your robe?
Tell me why.
Did you ever wonder what it meant?
That there could be consequence for sex?
Why did we ever let you
Get your fingers into our group?
Tell me why.

You’re a ghost.
A figment of our nightmares now.
A dead girl walking the street.
You are lost
Inside your holy trinity,
Aluminum princess.

On the bed, nine months to go.
It’s a shame he’s not the only one.
They litter ‘cross the landscape
Like toy soldiers on the playground.
Tell me why.
Take your burdens to another man.
Maybe he can fix your problems now
that you left it all behind you.
He’s growing up without you
And I know why.
Track Name: The Grandfather
What do you see, my son,
When you look at me now?
An old man wasting time?
Well, there were days...

When I stood tall and strong,
And my eyes were clear as glass,
When I held my women close,
And I knew what love was.

I'm not long for this world.
I checked out long ago.
What was your name again?
I can't remember now...

How it felt to stand so tall,
When my eyes were clear as glass,
How I held her close to me
Just to know what love was,
How it felt to taste the sun,
Working summers in the fields,
Taking life in tiny steps
As it took my mind from me.
Track Name: Goodbye, Goodnight
Say goodnight
Say goodbye
Last one out, please turn off the lights
Say your prayers to your gods
And keep some hope for tomorrow

Shake a hand
Share a laugh
If you miss your chance you won't get it back
Drink a beer and forget
But keep some hope for tomorrow

Time rolls on
When the ash settles on our lives
Quiet days
Silence is all that's left
When you're gone

So say goodbye
One last time
Pack your bags and face the night
Chase your dreams if you dare
But don't expect a tomorrow
Track Name: The Young Blood
She cries her paper tears
As she walks down the street.
The wet concrete never ends
It starts to bruise her feet.
You can tell that she's seen it all
That she's never been all right.
She says the boys won't let her be
But she is full of lies.

She says, "I can't bear
Another day out there.
I miss my friend. I want him back."
It's too late for that

She calls up Johnny's phone.
Says, "Can you spare the time?
I'm all alone again tonight
And I don't have a dime."
He can tell that she's seen it all
That she's playing hard to get
She tells him 'bout the boy she couldn't stop
He doesn't buy a word

It's too late for that